Trade Shows and Events

Digital Collateral Delivery and Tracking

Track lead capture and content performance in real-time and utilize our advanced metrics for a more targeted sales follow up.

Universal Badge Scanning

Collect attendee contact information directly from the badge beyond the show floor without expensive equipment.

Increase Your Event Budget

Save time and money by going digital. Eliminate printed collateral and easily reuse proven interactive displays for future events.

Getting attention on the trade show floor is harder than ever. With the advances in mobile devices, people expect to touch anything that might be at eye level. Make your event or exhibit interactive in just minutes on any hardware. With EyeFrame, you can dramatically reduce the budget required to serve your events but also provide a reusable experience that will be used in more places. Here are just some of the ways to use it:

Digital Engagement from Any Size Display

  • Bring a compelling environment for consumers to explore your brand through any size touch screen display
  • Capture touch metrics from every content item including view, geolocation and more
  • Quickly deploy a customizable digital experience for sales, retail and marketing needs
  • Provides a global view of all interactive digital displays

Justify Investment in Trade Shows and EventsLR_Mobile

  • Provides an intuitive system for extending the event experience beyond the show floor
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting to immediately see consumer demands from any location
  • Removes the need for printing or shipping collateral

Advanced Reporting on Attendee and Content Preferences

  • Provides a real-time performance metrics platform that can be used by everyone, even interns
  • Delivers event dashboards with advanced reporting at a fraction of the cost and complexity of digital signage systems

Customizable and Reusable Experiences

  • Entice event attendees with games, interactive digital collateral or surveys
  • Provides two-way, real-time interactions between a smart device and all content on any digital screen
  • Decrease setup time at events and allow teams to reuse the same experience at hundreds of the same events, simultaneously

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