Our Biggest Release Ever

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This email is a quick summary of new features available to all customers starting July 1st, 2020. We had three customer-driven themes for this release: provide customizable Virtual Event capabilities, make event creation a two-click operation, and assist with the integration/migration from Cvent, Aventri, and Eventbrite.

With our Summer 2020 release, we have an intense focus on frictionless virtual events. We’ve added high-definition video collaboration for every event created and unlimited administration users, events, and video meetings are included in your annual license. This means you can use integrated event landing pages, registration forms, gamification, event check-in, session attendance, real-time feedback, lead retrieval, mobile event apps, and virtual events with physical, virtual and hybrid events.

With our new virtual event capabilities, you can create custom buttons that provide agendas, recordings, exhibit halls, digital collateral, games, temporal shopping carts, surveys, and quizzes while they are listening to your virtual event. There are many platforms for virtual events and our goal is to give you choices. We are also aware that Zoom is blocked by many organizations and with High Attendance we have specifically addressed the issue with a platform that is seamless to your registration process and runs entirely within a browser.

Finally, High Attendance now uniquely aggregates multiple event management tools into a global event calendar and assists in the migration from legacy event tools such as Cvent, Aventri, Zoom, Eventbrite, and more. We know there will never be one solution for all events, however, now you can have a universal calendar view across other event management systems for a unified view across your global marketing and sales initiatives.

If you have any questions about the features, capabilities or you want to log into our demo environment, let us know.

The High Attendance Team

Our Biggest Release Ever

  • Virtual Event Platform Included

  • New Applications

  • Migration from Cvent and Aventri

Release Themes

Virtual Events

Ticketing and Payments

Mobile Administration

Aventri and Cvent

Much More

Detailed Release Features

Customizable Virtual Events

We have a new virtual event app (mobile and desktop) with integrated high definition video collaboration, chat, file sharing, Q&A, sponsors, branding, and screen sharing WITHOUT the need for a desktop or mobile app.

Public Event Calendars

Customers can now create aggregated public calendars that pull events from High Attendance, Captix, Cvent, Aventri, Eventbrite, and more so that you can embed them in your public portal. Try it out!!!

Public Event Requests

High Attendance supports event requests from any registered user, now we can make the event request process public so that you can deploy a universal link and any employee, customer or partner can request events. Try it out!

Complex Ticketing and Paid Webinars

Event managers can now create custom events with payments, discount codes, time-based promotions, percentages, limited quantities, PDF generation, VAT Numbers, and Custom Messages.

Friends, Family and Guest Registrations

Add a custom guest registration to any form to allow event registration for attendees with and without email addresses.

Multi-Event Campaigns

If your event will happen across multiple time zones, you can assign one or more events to a Global Campaign to provide aggregated reporting across multiple events.

Meeting Requests

Sometimes attendees receive your invitation but can not attend. You can now provide another option to allow your invitees to request and one on one meeting rather than attend. All requests go to the event manager for assignment to the associated account executive.

Fulfillment and Dual Addresses

With incentive events, where attendees are gifted physical and digital assets, registration forms can have both office and home addresses to allow for shipping of gifts to attendees.

Segregated Attendee, Sponsor and Speaker Registrations

Any event in High Attendance can have multiple registration forms, we now have dedicated invitations for speakers, sponsors and exhibitor registration forms that can be used to complete profiles in your Speaker and Sponsor Directory.

QR Code Generation

QR code’s save time by enabling customers to use a mobile phone camera enables to quickly launch event applications without typing.

Waiting List Administration

You can upload attendee registrations lists and all registration forms will be prefilled with attendee data allowing you to ask more targeted questions and save time on form completion.

Pre-Filled Registrations Forms

QR code’s save time by enabling customers to use a mobile phone camera enables to quickly launch event applications without typing.

Quiz Application

QR code’s save time by enabling customers to use a mobile phone camera enables to quickly launch event applications without typing.

Segmentation of Email Invitations and Confirmations

Create, segment, schedule, and add actions to emails based on any attendee category allowing you to initiate complex sequences of email notifications.

Any Text, Any Language

We have thoroughly tested double-byte character sets (DBCS) for all registration forms and reports to ensure you can modify any form label and store registration data in your natural language.