Overpass Lead Capture

Overpass was designed to be a lead capture solution that is always in your pocket. You never know when or where you will meet your next prospect, and in today’s digital age, you need to be ready to quickly and easily capture everything you need. Overpass is simple, easy to use and affordable.

Designed for


Rapidly scan and transcribe thousands of contacts sitting in your desk.


Human transcribers will accurately edit and transcribe all contact information on every card.


Major 1D and 2D codes are supported, including QR Codes, PDF417 and more!


No need to scan or snap. Simply type in any lead information at any time.


Human Transcription

Optical character recognition of business cards is only 25% accurate. Overpass has administrators in 4 countries that visually verify, inspect and transcribe every card. This means, both printed and handwritten text stays with your contacts.

Online and Offline

Whether you scan on a plan, a train or automobile, as soon as you have a connection, your cards are sent to our secure servers and they are back on your phone in minutes.

Insanely Integrated

We all use a variety of tools and Overpass can send your data anywhere. Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot and hundreds more formats. See our list of integrations.

Lead Scoring

Not every contact is the same. Overpass allows you to score the interaction, without any contact data. The transcribed and scanned contacts will be automatically associated with all your notes and lead scores.

Simple Input

You can have an unlimited number of contacts that synch across any device.

Simple Output

Some people prefer raw data, so do we. We provide email delivery of all your transcribed contacts, whenever you want, in an easy to read CSV file.

Better than Lead Retrieval

Overpass is an alternative to purchasing expensive lead retrieval equipment. No matter the contact or badge, take a photo of the attendee, the badge or their business card.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate device rental fees, lost leads, or wasted time waiting for imports. With the Overpass
flexible pricing model, our product is built to scale with your business.

No Hardware

Most scanning systems require fancy hardware, Overpass is available on Android and Apple iOS. Never buy a scanner again.


An intuitive interface eliminates the need for training – you can use it in 5 minutes or less. Human transcription makes it accurate.


No special hardware. Collect contacts by scanning any major 1D and 2D barcodes, snapping a photo of a business card or simply typing in any information.

Automatic Synching

Contacts are constantly being checked to be synced and transcribed, ensuring the most current information at all times. Works offline too.

Where can Overpass be used?

Anywhere! It’s your contacts, your data, on your device. There is no need for dated, clunky tradeshow scanners when Overpass can do the same thing for you (and probably for less)! Not to mention there is no custom setup necessary. Nope, not even an activation code.

On-the-go Contact Management

Meeting people at the speed of business means you need to be ready to quickly and easily capture their contact information in the moment.

Simply scan, snap or even type their business card, QR code or event badge info. Add details. Then let Overpass auto-sync them into your contacts so you can act on building your relationship.

  • Freeevery month
  • 5 HCR Transcriptions
  • Unlimited Typed Contacts
  • 1 Collection Supported
  • Global Support
  • Contact UsPer Event
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Typed Contacts
  • Unlimited Collections Supported
  • Global Support
  • Contact UsAnnual Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Typed Contacts
  • Unlimited Collections Supported
  • Global Support

Why should I use Overpass?

You know there is an easier way. Every time you come back to the office and spend an hour inputting business cards, that’s an hour lost that Overpass could’ve taken care of for you. Overpass is a modern, streamlined solution that is surprisingly affordable, incredibly accurate and always accessible.

Ultimate Ease-of-Use & Flexibility

  • Deploy Overpass in minutes to any mobile device to empower your sales and marketing team to capture leads, online or off, anytime.
  • Zero training required.
  • Flexible lead data capture via code scan, business card scan, photo, or manual typing.
  • Properly categorize your leads by using tags, notes, and custom surveys — all on the fly in only seconds.

Intrinsic Accessibility & Interoperability

  • Extend and enhance your current marketing investment with real-time merging of captured leads from Overpass directly into your current workflow.
  • Seamlessly integrate Overpass with the world’s most popular marketing automation and CRM solutions including Salesforce.com, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, and more.
  • Send lead capture data with notes to your entire team at any time —whether at a major trade show, regional roundtable, or dashing through the airport.

Do I need an activation code to get started?

No! Unlike other lead capture services, Overpass is not event dependent. Meaning there is no activation code necessary, no backend setup, not even a sales call. All you need to do to get started is download the app!

When will my plan renew?

Your plan renewal date will be monthly on the date that you signed up. If you signed up May 12th, then your plan will automatically renew on the 12th of every month.

What if I need more transcriptions than I have?

No worries! This happens all the time, so we made it so easy you don’t even need to contact us. Just log in to your account and select a new plan.

Can I get my contacts into my CRM?

Your Overpass account automatically comes with a Zapier integration. Zapier enables you to automate tasks between different apps. You can create a Zapier account for free, and then use it to push leads you sync from Overpass to your favorite CRM. Looking for a direct integration to your CRM, we can do that too, just contact us!

How long does it take for my contacts to be transcribed?

We guarantee transcription in  24 hours or less. However, during standard North American business hours, we generally transcribe leads in 30 minutes or less!

Can my entire team use my plan?

Yes, no problem! You will need to give everyone login access and just be sure your plan can accommodate the needed transcriptions.

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