Need A Mid-Week Pick Me Up? Here Are 6 Ted Talks to Inspire You!

Whether you’re a busy event manager or just a busy person, these TED talks are hand-selected to help you find peace and motivation during your hectic workweek. Pick one and watch it on your lunch break for expert advice that will help you find your zen – and maybe even some inspiration for your next event!

How to Make Stress Your Friend – by Kelly McGonigal

Can changing how you think about stress make you healthier and happier? Kelly McGonigal, a renowned health psychologist, shows you how to beat stress… by befriending it.

The Art of Stillness – by Pico Iver

In the busy, hectic world of event management, planes and planners are the norm. Travel writer Pico Iyer has rushed all around the world but has found that going nowhere is just as exciting as going to Tibet or Cuba. In his TED talk, he gives busy people a few tips on how to find stillness even in the most hectic of days.  


Be an Opportunity Maker – by Kare Anderson

Forbes writer Kare Anderson shares her story of overcoming chronic shyness and teaches us how to “become opportunity makers who use [our] best talents, more often, for the greater good.” She encourages building relationships with people unlike ourselves to create serendipitous results that benefit everyone.


 The Habits of Happiness – by Matthieu Ricard

Sometimes called “the happiest man in the world”, Matthieu Ricard is a molecular biochemist and Buddhist monk. Here he shares his best advice for how to train the mind to function at its best and happiest.

Play is More Than Just Fun – by Stuart Brown

Need inspiration to bring some fun into your life or your next event? This is the talk for you. If, after watching, you feel inspired to incorporate games in your next event, check out our advice for how to successfully integrate gamification into your event’s mobile app.

I Got 99 Problems… Palsy is Just One – by Maysoon Zayid

The most hilarious of our TED choices for the week, Maysoon Zayid’s talk is equally inspirational as well. If you need a weekly pick-me-up that reminds you to pursue your dreams against all odds, this talk has your name on it.

Did you find any events inspiration from one of these talks? Share what you learned below!