Microbiome Labs Mobile Application

The Microbiome Labs mobile application provides attendees up-to-the-minute schedules, personalized session content, access to discussions forums and valuable information about the roadshow overall.

Also, this Mobile application profile is not linked or related to your Microbiome Labs accounts and no passwords are provided until you register within the app. If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password link on this page. You must be registered for a Microbiome Labs event or be a Microbiome Labs employee.

Download the App

To download this application, follow this link to the Apple App Store or search “Dell ONE.” For Android, follow this link to the Google Play store or search for “Dell ONE.”

Sign Up

When you download the app, you will first sign up and validate if you are already a registered attendee of the Microbiome Labs events or a past event. You must use the same email address you used when you registered for a Microbiome Labs event. Once you log in, you have access to all of the Microbiome Labs events. Next, click the city which you are attending, and you will be directed to the agenda for that event.

Navigating in the App

Using the side menu, all users can scroll through the Agenda to view sessions, speakers, and abstracts for the sessions. “My List” is a consolidation of your scanned Contacts, your Profile and your Discussions.  Be sure to check out the Learning Camps to familiarize yourself with teams that will have booths at the roadshow. The rest of the app is fairly intuitive.

Account Sign Up Issues and Lost Passwords

As a reminder, you are not automatically given a password when you register for a Microbiome Labs event. If you have attended a previous Microbiome Labs event and used a mobile app, you may already have a password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link. Next, type in the email you registered with and you will be sent a verification code to your email. Should you have any trouble at all, email us at ask@highattendance.com or call 1-800-216-0816. We will check your account and get you setup right away.

Printed Agendas

For those of you who have neither the desire nor the hardware for a mobile app, please visit one of the Microbiome Labs events pages to print an agenda. A limited number of agendas will be provided at each event.