Interactive Surveys and Questionnaires for Events

Good Data is Invaluable

Generating good, actionable lead data is the only way to measure the success of an event. We know that exhibiting at an event costs a lot of time, money, and sweat, so don’t settle for the basic contact info you get with a badge scan or post-show data merge.

Surveys are the best way to gather unique, actionable lead info. Because you can’t talk to every lead at every event, a Survey Application is the perfect tool for getting personal input which, in turn, will empower your sales team to know what your leads need and conduct targeted follow-ups after the event is over.

Get to Know Your Lead

Ask the questions you want and get the information you need. Our surveys, armed with branching and conditional logic, let you dictate the conversation and get the unique, personalized information you need.

Augment Your Data

Compare survey responses with digital collateral requests and see how your leads’ needs and interests change over time, all from your Dashboard.

Instantaneous, Targeted Data

Gather unique data in real-time. Watch answers as they come in, get to know your audience, adjust questions and answers on the fly, and act on your lead data as soon as it’s submitted.

Measures On All Levels

Track trends and gauge your leads’ responses the way you want – year-by-year, month-by-month, or event-by-event. Easily review the history of a particular lead or track responses and see how they vary from event to event.

Standalone & Multilayered Apps

A survey can be a standalone tool for gathering lead-data or it can augment your E-Lit Kiosk and Gaming applications. Compare leads’ content requests with their survey answers or make data fun by pairing a survey with an interactive, HTML 5 gaming application.

All in One Dashboard

Your lead data is aggregated into a single company profile and brought directly to your dashboard, meaning your data is always in one place, easy to access and easy to share.

Accessible Anywhere, On Any Device

Gather and review lead data anytime, anywhere. You can run a survey or share collateral on mobile, tablets, PC’s and touchscreens.

Control Your Data

Download reports manually as an easy to read Excel file, get a percentage breakdown, or push your survey data directly into Salesforce, Eloqua or any other CRM platform.

Track Trends

With easily deployable and reusable surveys, you can track and compare responses across events and over time. Understand your markets and turn lead data into actionable intelligence.

Data Brought to You

With customizable notification options and a dashboard that tracks digital interactions in real-time, you’re guaranteed to have the most recent information at your fingertips.

What it Offers

  • An unlimited number of surveys able to run simultaneously
  • An unlimited number of questions per survey
  • A full array of question types (multiple choice, all that apply, grid answers, fill in the blank, etc.)
  • Branching and conditional logic in questioning
  • Reusable question and answer sets
  • Editable question and answer sets
  • Backend access to review and edit participant data
  • Seamless integration with EyeFrame Collateral Browser and Gaming Applications
  • Integration with Salesforce, Eloqua and other CRM platforms
  • Exportable spreadsheet reporting in Excel and .CSV files and Metric reporting in .PDF format
  • Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey capabilities
  • Optional check-out fields for lead capture data
  • Internal note taking capabilities
  • Customizable interface for unique branding and signage
  • Accessible on any device (mobile, tablet, PC, touchscreen)
  • Optional badge integration
  • Customizable notification settings
  • Free training session and online tutorials

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