• Create an unlimited number of web based catalogs containing items/ courses/events to register for or purchase
  • Publish your items/courses/events to multiple catalogs with customized pricing
  • Customize the look/feel of each catalog using one of our Responsive Web design templates or use a custom branded design of your own
  • Ability for each catalog to have its own unique URL
  • Ability for customers to easily nd what they’re looking for – the catalog has a keyword search and the ability to quickly lter the list by multiple parameters
  • Each catalog item/course/event has a full page with description, objective, outline, availability, pre-requisites and any additional information needed
  • Customers can download an auto generated PDF le of your entire catalog with descriptions and links to online options
  • Ability to toggle between calendar and list view
  • Customers can add scheduled items to their Google/Apple/Outlook Calendars
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