We store system passwords using a 1-way hashing algorithm.


Data in transit is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Data We Collect

User profile information (name, email address, etc.)
We collect event details (name, location, etc.)
We collect user survey data. Our customers are allowed to create surveys and we collect responses to their survey with our Service, on behalf of survey creators. Survey responses, as well as information relating to the survey taker, are owned and managed by the survey creator.
We collect email statistics (delivery, bounces, etc)

Access to Systems

Interactions between Captix and third-party platforms (Mailgun, Eloqua) are done over a secure HTTPS connection.
We host our systems on industry-leading cloud infrastructure services at Rackspace Managed Cloud Services.

Incident Response and Remediation

We monitor our systems 24/7/365 using Pingdom and Rackspace Monitoring Checks for webserver and database services.
We will notify all affected users as soon as possible for any incidents.

Data Confidentiality

In connection with use of our products or services, we will obtain contact information (including email addresses and other information for your contacts) that you provide to us in connection with such use. We acknowledge your ownership rights in such contact information and content. We will never sell or rent your contact information to anyone without your permission and will never use your contact information or content for any purpose other than as described.

Vulnerability Management

We perform periodic penetration testing of hosted servers to ensure security of infrastructure.

Third-Party Security and Privacy Reviews

We commission network security audits by a leading security firm.