Say Hello To High Attendance / Captix For Events

Welcome to High Attendance / Captix – your new platform created especially as a resource for event managers.

Event experts host or attend about 1.83 million events every year. They create great guest experiences that turn into sales-ready leads. Unfortunately, they spend much of their time mired in outdated technology, registration lists on clipboards and managing spreadsheets. It can take days to get those once-hot leads over to sales, costing valuable time and resources (and risking the leads going cold).

Software companies have tried to serve the needs of event managers but they do it in piecemeal fashion with separate vendors for invitations, registration, check-ins, surveys, follow-up and lead delivery.

We have created a better way.

Introducing High Attendance / Captix

We are event management professionals who have worked directly with event teams and developers to create powerful technologies that solve all those problems (above) in one simple interface.

One tool created to automate – not complicate – the tasks that keep event managers tied to their desk, their computer, their IT and / or their data teams.

We do not compete with out-of-the-box products that try to force their cobbled-together, outdated technologies on their clients. In our humble opinion, every corporation, event team and event itself is unique – how could a one-size-fits-all platform work for any of them?

The truth is they can’t.

Instead, we create our tools starting with what our enterprise clients need. We listen to their end goals and current pain points, then use our mad tech skills and business strategy to customize a solution to streamline the tasks that make the goals attainable. It’s not about a product sale; it’s about a partnership. It’s not a list of FAQs or check boxes; it’s a conversation.

High Attendance / Captix is the future of event management tools available now because it streamlines all event communication and data touchpoints via any browser or mobile device. The technology does what it should do best: make life simpler.

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