How to Generate Leads with Email Marketing

1) Research Your Target Audience.

There is no point in pitching your product to everyone in town. As amazing as it may be, there are some people who just won’t need it.

Target a specific audience. For example, at High Attendance we offer event management software so our target audience includes enterprise event managers, as well as sales people who may be interested in our platform to capture event leads quicker or on their own.

2) Personalize The Message.

In terms of marketing, there isn’t anything worse than sending out the same generic email pitch to all potential clients. It’s like receiving a group text — are you more likely to respond to a personalized text inviting you to dinner or a group text with 10 other people in the same thread?

Personalize the email right away with an observation or compliment:

“I noticed that you may be looking for…” or “I enjoyed reading your blog post on…

3) Make Your Pitch Brief And Concise.

We live in a fast paced world where you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention.

You should relate your pitch to the previous personalized observation and then offer a solution to a problem they may be experiencing.

“I noticed that [company name] is now hosting monthly events. Are you looking to improve your lead generation at those events?  I’ve found that our mobile lead capture has been a successful solution for many clients.”

4) Include A Call To Action.

Without a Call To Action, your email is essentially worthless. You need a clear goal in mind when writing your email. Are you offering a free demo? Do you want to schedule a meeting? Whatever it is, be sure to include a CTA after your pitch.

Speaking of adding a Call To Action, you can learn more about our marketing automation for event lead generation here