Welcome to the Dell Technologies Forum Events!

For this event series, we have developed a new application for attendees, exhibitors and organizers. This application allows users to navigate the conference, see agendas, take surveys, rate sessions and more. This application supports Apple iOS and Android.

Please Note: You MUST be registered for a Dell Technologies Event to view the contents within the application. If you are not pre-registered, please register here.

Please download the application using the icons below:

The Log In Screen

Users may sign up manually (see the sign up link on the bottom left) or via LinkedIn. You must be a registered attendee of the Dell EMC Forums or no functionality will be available to you.

The Action Menu

All of the functions available to attendees are in the left menu. You can navigate the agenda, speakers, sponsors, maps and more.

Contact List

By opening the contact list, you can collect contacts directly from the badges of your peers. Push the Send Contacts and you will be emailed a list of contacts in seconds.

We are certain you may have additional questions during the event so simply email us at ask@highattendance.com or call 512-657-2345.