High Attendance Full Feature List

  • Event Management Features
    • Global event dashboard for events, trade shows and virtual events
    • Budget and expense tracking
    • Proof of performance images and video media
    • Customizable core and required fields
    • Email open and tracking
    • Event map with filters
    • Event calendar with filters
    • Customizable event buttons and short cuts to internal and external resources
    • Integrated media library with controlled brand assets
    • Email gateway support (Mailgun, Sendgrid or SMTP)
    • Customizable login pages with instructions and custom fields
    • Detailed interaction reporting of every registration, login, email, click and content view
    • Customizable reply-to addresses per company, per event or per email
    • Use 120+ mail-merge data tags, such as name and company, to personalize emails
    • Dynamic import of any unstructured or structured comma separated value file or Excel spreadsheet
    • Send emails based on registration status such as registered, attended, no show, cancelled
    • Resend any emails to attendees
    • Schedule specific dates/times for every email within a campaign
  • Registration and Ticketing Features
    • Simple event registration pages
    • Complex event registration pages
    • Customized email notifications based on attendee status
    • Simple survey functions for post event reports
    • Event maps based on location, time and event manager
    • Event request process for strategic meetings management
    • Digital asset management
    • Complex digital asset management and rights management
    • Customizable event templates
    • Landing pages with mixed event content and custom HTML
    • Customizable registration pages for any sized event
    • Registration pages in any language or multiple languages
    • Create company wide required registration fields
    • Wait listing and closed registration features
    • Create customizable registration pages based on attendee type, such as exhibitor, attendee, or speaker
    • Allow attendees to edit and modify registration details
    • Create and group events into multi-city campaigns
    • Assign multiple event managers and event contacts to a single event
  • Digital Collateral Features
    • Unlimited content, videos and digital asset storage
    • Instant content delivery of any type of asset
    • Link tracking for all content downloads
    • Timed and scheduled reminders for event follow up
    • Multi-user sales engagement
    • Multiple workflows for event emails and digital delivery confirmation
    • Native mobile application support
    • Direct integration with lead retrieval vendors such as Experient, CompuSystems, ExpoLogic and more.
    • Customizable lead qualification forms
    • Ability to create unique sets of content for regional, global or industry sales and marketing events
    • Select different assets to create unique kiosks at every event, creating multiple, distinct, trackable experiences.
    • Provides consistent collateral for in-person meetings and distributed sales teams
  • Attendee Engagement
    • Gamification with customizable metrics and points system
    • Realtime synchronization between mobile apps
    • Customizable digital signage leaderboard applications
    • Visitor QR Codes to ensure sponsors, exhibitors and sponsor engagement
    • Content portal for events, sponsors and speakers
    • Customizable slot machine for gamification with programmable odds
    • Customizable key game with programmable odds
  • Meetings Request Functions
    • Custom meeting request pages included in any event registration page
    • Meeting assignment to any user
    • Task tracking of meeting assignment
    • Meeting request and resolution reporting
  • Strategic Meetings Management
    • Event request and approval process
    • Multi-step event workflow (Requested, Budgeted, Approved, Published, Rejected, Cancelled)
    • Customizable event request fields, default values, and pre configured templates
    • Ability to update and modify an event request by the event requestor
    • Automated notification of event publishing and updates to all event contacts
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Portal
    • Customizable sponsor portal/dashboard
    • Manage sponsorship deliverables
    • Sponsors can assign users to the portal for task resolution
    • Publish documents to the portal for all sponsors
    • History tracking off all sponsor updates and document additions
    • Event assignment of sponsors to one or more events
    • Lead retrieval for all sponsor users
    • Sponsor payment tracking
    • Sponsor task management and resolution
    • Task assignment and notifications
    • Custom sponsor levels per event
    • Sponsor task reporting (CSV and Excel)
  • On-site Attendee Experience
    • On-Site self-service customizable check in kiosk
    • On-demand badge generation and printing
    • Mobile check-In
    • Customizable Badge Design
    • Integrated QR code for use by both organizers and attendees
  • Agenda, Session and Speaker Management
    • Dynamic, multi-track sessions with keywords and descriptions
    • Assign one or multiple speakers and content to a session
    • Speaker directory with reusable profiles with bios, photos and social profiles
    • Session directory with reusable abstracts, content, session catalog numbers and tags)
    • Speaker calendar invitations with customizable return address for global speaker tracking
  • Mobile Application Features
    • Native Apple iOS App
    • Native Apple iOS App
    • Progressive Web App (HTML 5)
    • Static and Interactive event maps
    • Push notifications and app alerts
    • Customizable meeting and appointment scheduling
    • Attendee networking
    • Interactive session discussions
    • Badge integration and badge scanning
    • Peer to peer badge scanning of attendee badges
    • Attendee profiles
    • Session voting and content scoring
    • Multi-speaker session voting
    • Document sharing
    • Event agenda and schedule
    • Personalized schedules
    • Venue Info (wifi, parking and directional information)
    • Proof of performance photo and video capture
    • Event expense capture
    • Exhibitor profiles, categories, location and tags
    • Floor plans
    • Gamification (surveys, speaker ratings, session ratings, session check ins, social sharing)
    • Lead retrieval
    • Unified event app for organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees
    • Support for single or multiple events
    • Live Q&A and discussions
    • On-site registration and check in
    • Password protection and registration verification
    • Support for multiple registration systems (Aventri/etouches, EventBrite, Zoom, On24, etc.).
    • Multi-track agenda
    • QR Codes for contact data and app install instructions
    • Customizable splash screens
    • In-App Advertisements for sponsors and exhibitors
    • Usage statistics (app utilization, crash/error stats, content consumption, etc.)
    • White label branding and company app submission
    • Embed video and Adobe Acrobat files
    • Social media sign in (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Trade Show and Event Features
    • Integration with third party lead systems (Experient, ExpoLogic, CompuSystems and CDS)
    • Business card scanning with transcription by humans
    • Manual data and contact capture
  • Reusable Templates and Event Automation
    • Customizable Event Kits
    • Customizable company wide email template and system notifications
    • Customizable and reusable email templates
    • Ability to turn on and off notifications
    • Integrated HTML and responsive email editor
  • Security and Role Management
    • Multi-user access with defined user rights and roles
    • Customizable roles for admins, agencies, employees, sales teams and end users
    • Discrete control of event publishing and notification
    • Customizable roles for private sponsor and exhibitors
    • Campaign management of multi-city events for grouping and reporting
    • Customizable privacy policies per company/division
    • Fast on-boarding and email validation by company domain
    • Non-destructive editing and archiving
    • No limitations on the number of users, sponsors, partners or participants
  • Multi-Tenant Features
    Create Unlimited Branded Companies and Sub Companies (Brands)
    Custom rules per company and branding for subdivisions
  • Service, Support and Pricing
    • 24/7 Online support via email
    • 24/7 Online support via chat
    • Full content, agenda, session and event support
    • On-site support provided at a reduced rate
    • Unlimited users, participants, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees
    • No per-event fees
    • Unlimited, free online training
    • Pre-recorded training videos available
    • Instant access to new features and upgrades
    • Easy to use interface to create events quickly
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