Your Priorities First

EyeFrame’s dashboard brings your priorities to you. Review ongoing campaigns, see which pieces of content are performing best, and track new leads as they’re submitted – all brought to you immediately upon login!

Custom Content Settings

At EyeFrame, we get that each piece of content is unique. So we let you determine how and when a piece of content is displayed, from run-time to individual sharing settings.

Constant Analysis

Even after your event has ended, EyeFrame will continue to track and monitor your content, letting you know when new or existing leads view and interact with your material. Stay up to date on user interactions and boost sales by targeting your most active leads.

Inject Your Brand

While you can always resort to the “default” settings, EyeFrame is designed to be fully flexible when it comes to adopting your company’s signage and spirit. Use our built-in customization settings to adjust colors, insert logos, create custom email templates, and much more.

Are you a wiz with computers? Go one step further and take full control of your application by uploading your own, custom CSS, HTML, and Java Script.

Display Your Way

Whether you’re on a tablet, PC or touchscreen, online or offline, there is a way for EyeFrame to work for you. No matter how big or small your presentation space is, EyeFrame can be made to fit and enhance your capabilities.

We’re Always Here for You

Whether it’s a video, audio recording, screenshare or image, we do our best to provide the support you want, in the way you want it. At EyeFrame, we take a collaborative approach to support, making sure that our engineers and sales team are part of the process. We can’t improve our service without your help, so don’t be shy telling us how we can improve and better serve you!

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