Captix chart

Think of it like this:

The black line represents the natural progression of how leads are affected by events.

When you go to an event, you get a surge of valuable prospects. From there, it’s the event manager’s job to deliver the correct leads to the sales and marketing people to nurture them along the sales funnel, and ultimately close on the lead.

However, in order to get the correct leads to the correct team, an events manager has to follow the process of receiving, splicing, and delivering lead data, among all of the other demands the event requires of them.

This process can often turn into a series of time consuming bottlenecks. The average event manager uses between 5-10 different tools for one event just to communicate to the leads collected, to their events team, and to the sales and marketing teams. Time passes, and many valuable leads are lost.

So, how do we eliminate the time consuming processes? What if we could apply a different variable to the events equation to multiply the event’s value?

We thought the same thing.

That’s why we built a tool to consolidate processes, save time, and nurture valuable leads. Captix is the one stop place to communicate and collect lead information, and pass those leads to your proper sales and marketing team. Instantly.

When we apply Captix to the event integer, the graph demonstrates how ROIs are higher, and set up the next event for more success. Ultimately, more value is gained. More leads are accrued. As time passes, valuable leads are increasing and growing much faster.

Captix increases event ROI by tracking and streamlining communication.