High Attendance provides a complete solution for the organizer, author and attendees to submit, engage and share ePosters while providing comprehensive tracking and auditing. A single pricing model for every size conference with a dedicated support team to update and manage all content, scheduling and detailed analytics.

Designed For Internal or Public Facing Conferences






Why Choose High Attendance Over Other ePosters Solutions

Zero Setup Fee

The platform goes live in minutes and there is no need for a setup fee or any hidden/extra cost.

Multimedia Interactive ePosters

Supports various ePoster formats with audio, video, image galleries.

Personalized experience

Attendees can bookmark the ePoster presentations they are interested in and create their own agenda. 

Author Engagement

Authors have their own profile page and are able to get contacted through the ePosters platform.

ePosters Evaluation

Authenticated users or just monderators can browse and score the ePosters in real time.

Real time updates

The authors get instant access to the ePosters they submitted and how it will be displayed during the event. They can make last-minute corrections.

Improve Mobile Experience

Attendees can install the ePosters platform to their mobile device and enjoy better mobile experience and receive updates.

Live Announcement

Important messages can be delivered real-time to all the screens and workstations in the venue where the ePosters platform is running.

Benefits for the Association

Revenue Generation: Optional Abstract/Poster submission fees provide an additional way to generate revenue.

You are Backed: All the service and support to authors is provided by us. The whole process is taken care of for you.

Real-time Analytics: From history and activity tracking to statistics about the usage and the engagement.

Progress and Status Reports: The system logs the progress and provides reports with the number of the accepted/rejected abstracts, those which wait for a review etc.

No Changes Needed: Introducing or migrating to our service will not move you away from your current event management system or even abstract management system.

Benefits for Your Authors

Citable/Sharable Poster: A poster can be shared or cited through the conference’s official website.

“Open” Format: Author has plenty of options to use figures, video, images etc.

Well-Guided Process: The short guides and simple interface make the submission easy and quick.

From Electronic to Print: We maintain an archive of all print-ready high resolution assets so you can quickly send any content to any location, from paper to digital.

Mobile First: Authors can edit every aspect of the poster on any device, from cell phones to tablets.

Benefits for the Attendees

Interest-focused: High Attendance is easier for the attendees to explore their interests with online easily searchable material and personalized agendas they create.

Engagement and Interaction: Multimedia and online access keep the attendees engaged.

Anytime Access: During and/or after the event, all the poster information remains accessible on any device.

Organizations in every industry trust High Attendance to deliver more cost effective ePosters programs.

  • 24/7 Support

    No matter where you are, we are just seconds away. Support is available to you no matter the question (complex or simple).

  • Unlimited Access

    High Attendance allows customers unlimited use of the entire system, including users and administrators, multiple divisions, unlimited events and displays.

  • No Proprietary Hardware

    It does not matter if you are a mobile, Windows, Mac or Linux user, High Attendance works on any device.

  • Launch Your Displays and Kiosks in Seconds

    No other solution allows you to build a repeatable and reusable digital experience in just a few clicks.

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