Digital Collateral Delivery

High Attendance eliminates the need for ineffective printed materials and greatly increases the number of actionable leads, all on an easy to use touch-screen interface.

Designed for Trade Shows and Customer Facing Content Portals

Trade Shows


Field Sales

User Groups

Company Meetings

Key Benefits

Connect with customers in the field more effectively through interactive digital signage, touch screens and mobile devices.

Manage and distribute marketing collateral and videos more efficiently with the centralized library.

Track the usage and effectiveness of your documents and videos.
Ensure your content is delivered and monitor how often it is being viewed.

Save money (and the environment) by not printing so much collateral.

How It Works

High Attendance leverages a centralized library to store and version control all of your marketing documents and videos.

“Kiosks” are custom-built experiences on touch screens, iPads, tablets and mobile devices that streamline content delivery via the cloud.

Ability to update the content library in real-time ensures sales and marketing teams can deliver the latest information available.

Once content is delivered via email, you can track the engagement of your marketing materials or videos.

Event Lead Metrics

High Attendance tracks Key Lead Metrics (KLM) such as:

  • Who requested information
  • Where they requested information
  • When they requested information
  • What content they asked to receive
  • What content was opened and viewed later
  • How many times content items were viewed
  • How recently content was viewed

Integrated with Any Trade Show

High Attendance integrates seamlessly with lead capture technologies, marketing automation systems, and customer relationship management platforms to provide unique insight into the interests and behavior of consumers. It also provides quantifiable engagement statistics from interactive digital signage and in-field experiences.

High Attendance is the ideal solution for trade shows and events as it facilitates more effective communication and extends reach beyond the event. Using real-time monitoring and reporting, you can immediately see consumer demands from their physical location, collect detailed contact information and generate “Sales-Ready” leads.

Why Go Digital with E-Literature?

Traditionally, printed materials have been the norm for distributing event collateral such as schedules, calendars, promotional materials and the like. However, research shows that 60 to 85% of all printed trade show collateral is thrown out before it’s even read. This means that the time, effort and money you put into producing these materials are being lost just as fast as they’re being handed out.

When an attendee approaches the kiosk and are scanned in via the High Attendance badge integration, they instantly gain access to all of your materials. Attendees can then browse, search and review all of your documents with the flick of a  finger. When a user sends something they like, they can “save a copy” that will be sent to them via e-mail. All links are short and easy to share on social media, so you can build on your momentum after the show.

You can deliver your content directly to events, conferences, and public places regardless of the device – from a large touch screen display, desktop computer, tablet, or mobile.

  • 24/7 Support

    No matter where you are, we are just seconds away. Support is available to you no matter the question (complex or simple).

  • Unlimited Access

    High Attendance allows customers unlimited use of the entire system, including users and administrators, multiple divisions, unlimited events and displays.

  • No Proprietary Hardware

    It does not matter if you are a mobile, Windows, Mac or Linux user, High Attendance works on any device.

  • Launch Your Displays and Kiosks in Seconds

    No other solution allows you to build a repeatable and reusable digital experience in just a few clicks.

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