Digital Collateral Delivery

Deliver Content From Anywhere. Be Green. Generate Quality Leads.

EyeFrame eliminates the need for ineffective printed materials and greatly increases the number of actionable leads, all on an easy to use touch-screen interface. EyeFrame helps you generate more usable leads at your event in a cost-effective manner by:

  • Distributing event collateral and actionable videos digitally

Instead of printed materials, EyeFrame allows attendees to send digital copies of your materials right to their inbox! Plus there is no specialized hardware to buy and the cloud-based architecture means that there is no software to maintain. The only hardware requirement is a desktop, laptop or touch screen with an Internet connection.IMG_2967

  • Managing leads and uncovering the quality

The days of underserved, undervalued leads are behind you with EyeFrame. You will now be able to quickly and easily identify sales-ready leads, rank them based on priority, and push them to any existing customer relationship environment. Your leads can be imported directly from the Trade Show Floor and pushed directly into your CRM engines, such as Salesforce or Eloqua.

  • Saving paper (and money)

Because all event collateral is accessed digitally, you save the money you would have spent on producing printed materials and shipping them to and from your event, plus you can help save the environment by eliminating the need for large amounts of paper.

Why Go Digital with E-Literature?dshbrd-ftrs

Traditionally, printed materials have been the norm for distributing event collateral such as schedules, calendars, promotional materials and the like. However, research shows that 60 to 85% of all printed trade show collateral is thrown out before it’s even read. This means that the time, effort and money you put into producing these materials are being lost just as fast as they’re being handed out.

EyeFrame remedies the situation by hosting all of your content in a digital format within the EyeFrame Kiosk Engine.

When an attendee approaches the kiosk and are scanned in via EyeFrame’s badge integration (working with RFID, QR, and PDF417 badges) , they instantly gain access to all of your materials. Attendees can then browse, search and review all of your documents with the flick of a  finger. When a user sends something they like, they can “save a copy” that will be sent to them via e-mail. All links are short and easy to share on social media, so you can build on your momentum after the show.

You can deliver your content directly to events, conferences, and public places regardless of the device – from a large touch screen display, desktop computer, tablet, or mobile.

The EyeFrame Global Dashboard gives you a consolidated view into detailed interaction information by event, attendee, kiosk, or digital asset. Interaction data is also provided in real-time so that you always have an accurate view of your attendee engagement.

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