Create Marketing Emails That People Actually Read

Send Mobile-Friendly Mail.

According to HubSpot, mobile use has increased 400% since 2011. Today, 70% of 18 – 44 year-olds check their email on their smartphone. To create a more enjoyable mobile experience, format your emails in HTML instead of plain text. This allows for more colors, shapes, formatted photos, and an all-around better email. HTML is a must for newsletters, invites and any other form of mass emails.

Write The Perfect Subject Line.

There’s a fine line between clickbait and boring subject lines. Don’t be the one who leads with “You Won’t Believe What Happened When…” or “You’ve Been Doing This One Thing Wrong Your Entire Life…”

You also don’t want to title your email “January Newsletter.”

Be creative and straddle the line between clickbait and uninteresting. Here are a few of the best subject lines to get your creative juices flowing.

Reduce Your Spam Rate.

Rather than just ignoring your email, 58% of consumers said they would actually unsubscribe completely while 49% would mark you as spam. Email marketing isn’t Twitter – you shouldn’t be sending the same info to all of your contacts.

Create buyer personas to prevent spamming and generate more leads. Start with persona groups like “Marketing Mike” “CEO Shannon” “Sales Scott” and so on. Any time you come across a cold lead, drop them into a persona list based on their title. This will allow you to target and personalize your emails which will reduce your risk of ending up in the spam folder.