Captix Launches Lead-Retrieval Alternative For Enterprise Events

Think about what happens when you are given multiple business cards at one event: they get buried in your desk, you forget who is who, or you don’t feel like manually inputting each contact into your existing list. The old fishbowl method is clearly inefficient, but lead retrieval remains a key part of enterprise events.

For these reasons, High Attendance / Captix created a low-cost, lead-retrieval solution. No device rentals, awkward scans or old-school fishbowls on tables: just one simple app.

Overpass collects and converts your leads using human transcription for maximum accuracy and mapping. You can create unlimited events, use tags to mark any prospect with special indicators and even work offline. Then request a CSV of all transcribed leads directly to your email with a single tap.


How it works:

After downloading Overpass from the app store, you can simply Scan, Snap, Type and Sync your leads.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_10.28.00_AM    Scan: Use Scan to capture barcodes or QR codes.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_10.28.09_AM     Snap: Use Snap to take a picture of business cards or nametags.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_10.28.19_AM     Type: Use Type to input a lead’s information manually.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_10.56.05_AM    Sync: Integrate directly into your favorite CRM.



Who uses Overpass?

Overpass is the perfect tool for sales people, marketing teams, conference exhibitors, event organizers, and anyone looking to quickly and accurately collect and convert leads.