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Announcing High Attendance

Greetings and thanks for reading. I’m Christopher Justice, Chief Executive Officer of High Attendance. You may have noticed a few changes to our website and our brands for Leading Reach, Captix, EyeFrame or Overpass. Earlier this year, we acquired Captix for Enterprise Event Management and Overpass for Attendee Identity and united them with EyeFrame under […]

Turn Your Event Green

It can be easy to blame the event industry’s throwaway culture for the millions of plastic bottles tossed in landfills over the years. Tons of uneaten food has been thrown into garbage bins and countless paper business cards lost inside pockets and purses. Since events are generally one-time affairs, the idea of reusing and recycling has been difficult and expensive to […]

Near Field Technology

Picture yourself at an upcoming trade show. You look around your booth expecting the awkward dance of attendees adjusting their badges to the light and the back and forth of scanners focusing on those awkward barcodes.  The clumsy lead-capture-shuffle is gone.  Your sales teams are collecting leads in a graceful manner, like a Broadway play […]