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High Attendance is an online registration and event management system designed for large organizations who run hundreds of local, regional and international events. From trade shows to annual user conference, High Attendance dance enables organization to procure, plan, execute and activate more of your audience.

High Attendance is easy to deploy and allows your event marketing team to manage distributed events that require approval or procurement. Only High Attendance gives you a global view of every face to face event and integrates directly with marketing automation and customer relationship management systems.

Designed for


Build maximum attendance at your next event with a platform designed by event marketers to increase attendance at every event.

User Groups

Deliver personalized sales, marketing or community events with custom registration forms, custom badges, surveys, lead retrieval and more.

Sales Meetings

Host targeted sales events and send attendee analytics directly to your customer relationship management system. 

Executive Briefings

Build maximum attendance at your next event with a platform designed by event marketers to increase attendance at every event.

What we do

It’s simple – you want event management software that not only works but that you want to use. Now you have it: event management software that is intuitively adaptable to what you want, flexible in meeting your unique needs and straightforward so it can be used quickly and effectively.

Our platform was purpose-built for your event management needs, whether you run dozens of regional roundtables a month, an annual user conference or something in-between. Using High Attendance means you are using the industry’s easiest-to-use event management software that seamlessly integrates with both your current systems and your current workflow.

How High Attendance Works Before, During and After Your Event

Before Your Event: Personalize and Automate

Our platform guides you through the software so you can easily customize event pages and invites.
We automate the busy work so that you can focus on the big picture including:

Event Invitations

Create a new event in minutes – then load your attendees and send beautifully-crafted invitations.

Event Landing Page

Easily customize your online form fields, including contact information or session sign-ups.

Event Reminders

Schedule event reminders to be sent to your guests at any point before the event.

During Your Event: Capture and Build Relationships

High Attendance offers event solutions to long lines and countless spreadsheets. Capture and convert leads with mobile check-in, onsite badge printing and custom surveys.

Mobile Check-In

Turn your mobile device into a one-click attendee check in tool.

Badge Printing

Print badges on demand with our user-friendly kiosks.

Custom Surveys

Create custom surveys and compile in-depth insights to build lasting relationships.

After Your Event: Follow Up and Measure Success

Execute flawless events while delivering qualified leads to your sales team.

Post Event Emails

Schedule a customized “Thank You For Attending” or “Sorry We Missed You” email to go out after your event.

  • 24/7 Support

    No matter where you are, we are just seconds away. Support is available to you no matter the question (complex or simple).

  • Unlimited Access

    High Attendance allows customers unlimited use of the entire system, including users and administrators, multiple divisions, unlimited events and displays.

  • No Proprietary Hardware

    It does not matter if you are a mobile, Windows, Mac or Linux user, High Attendance works on any device.

  • Launch Your Displays and Kiosks in Seconds

    No other solution allows you to build a repeatable and reusable digital experience in just a few clicks.

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