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EyeFrame is a digital engagement and collateral fulfillment system designed to bring a compelling environment to consumers so they can explore your brand through any touch screen display. EyeFrame enables any size business to benefit from digital signage and quickly deploy a customizable digital experience for sales, retail and marketing needs. EyeFrame integrates with lead capture, marketing automation and customer relationship management systems to provide a unique view into the interests and behavior of consumers.

Designed For

Event Marketers

High Attendance – with EyeFrame technology – helps you generate more qualified leads and keep attendees more engaged with your brand.

Exhibit Designers

Deploy an unlimited number of interactive displays in just seconds and gain unique engagement statistics of every exhibit in real-time.

Field Sales

Distribute, track and measure digital content and uncover intelligence to close more opportunities.


Digital Collateral and Tracking

Track lead capture and content performance in real-time and utilize our advanced metrics for a more targeted sales follow up.

Interactive Surveys

Easily create unique surveys that can quickly gather unique lead data and help project audience trends and interests.

Kiosk and Mobile Ready

Optimized to run on any platform. Whether it’s a mobile, tablet, monitor, or touchscreen, online or offline, you can collect lead data anytime, anywhere.

Universal Badge Scanning

Collect attendee contact information directly from the badge beyond the show floor without expensive equipment.

Increases Your Event Budget

Save time and money by going digital. Eliminate printed collateral and easily reuse proven interactive displays for future events.

Personalize Every Interaction

Tailor the experience for each attendee and event. Every element from video loops, email templates and more can be branded for each event and campaign. 

Used at over 4,000 conferences, trade shows, events and corporate offices around the world.


Active Signs, Games and Surveys


Active Campaigns


Active Engagements

A proven platform for lead generation

With EyeFrame, you can instantly deliver your company’s marketing materials electronically without paying a dime for printing, shipping or shredding. In addition to documents like whitepapers and brochures, EyeFrame allows you to securely send personalized communications and track engagement of any digital content from videos, images, surveys, games and more.

  • 24/7 Support

    No matter where you are, we are just minutes away. Support is available to you no matter the question (complex or simple).

  • Unlimited Applications and Displays

    Eyeframe allows customers unlimited use of the entire system, including users and administrators, multiple divisions, unlimited events and displays.

  • No Proprietary Hardware

    It does not matter if you are a PC, Mac or Linux user, EyeFrame works on any device with HTTP capabilities.

  • Launch Your Displays and Kiosks in Seconds

    No other solution allows you to build a repeatable and reusable digital experience in just a few clicks. Even if you’re on the trade show floor, we can have you setup before the doors open.

  • Integrated with

    Every digital display can feed directly into to the specific campaigns you select. You can respond to opportunities faster than ever.

  • Experience and Passion

    Our team has 20+ years of experience in lead generation, digital advertising and opportunity conversion. Ask us anything . We love what we do and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about it.

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