About Us

At High Attendance, we strive to produce world-class experiences for our clients by blending art and technology to deliver exceptional results.  We guarantee customer satisfaction for everything we do.  Our daily pledge to our customers is: “be easy to work with and over- communicate”. We are fully committed to our customers, our world and our community.

We love start-ups but we aren’t one. We were founded 2006 and we maintain no debt with customers in twenty countries. We take pride in growth and carefully manage it to ensure we maintain our values and a healthy long-term business.

The High Attendance Mission:

To help our clients build quality relationships with their audiences by engaging their markets, communities or user groups in innovative ways before, during and after their highly attended events.

The High Attendance Vision:

To bring innovative and high-impact results that inspire our clients and the audiences we serve.

High Attendance Core Values:


    We are detail-oriented self-starting high communicators who proactively honor our commitments. We help our clients initiate the actions that foster collaborative relationships (with us and their audiences), share ideas and gain positive momentum in reaching their event goals.


    We are visionaries who leverage technology to transform experiences, processes and lives. We are creative, open-minded and bold without losing focus on the needs we are serving. We carefully select resources for solutions that achieve the maximum benefit for the least cost possible to benefit our clients.


    We pioneer new ideas, design for the future and expect change in everything we do. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of marketing while extending its reach. We build meaningful relationships that enhance our ability to deliver value and that help our clients impact their communities.


    We are marketers and customer experience designers who dedicate our collective energy to amaze, engage and motivate action with our customers and their audiences. We look for new and exciting opportunities to increase our value and maximize our customers’ investment in us as well as increase our customers’ value to their audiences.


    We believe in honoring our brand promise by showing up consistently, speaking truth (no matter how difficult) and backing our commitments with substantial action. We believe integrity is the key to world-class business; our work, relationships and brand presence reflect congruence with integrity on every level.

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