Why Choose EyeFrame

Key Benefits

  • Supports touch catalogs, surveys, and interactive gamescustomer-engagement
  • Customizable to fit any branding guidelines or specific environmental designs
  • Rapid deployment of interactive kiosks in under 30 seconds
  • Direct integration to Salesforce and other lead retrieval systems
  • Designed for global event and trade show deployment on common hardware

EyeFrame provides a global view of all interactive digital displays and collects unique engagement statistics on each experience. Perfect for trade shows and events, EyeFrame also delivers a more effective means of communication and connection with your leads even after an event has ended. Using real-time monitoring and reporting, companies can immediately see consumer demands from any physical location and be guaranteed accurate contact information and sales-ready leads.

Instantaneous and Insightful Software

EyeFrame brings simplicity and efficiency to your digital displays and customer relationship management. With a suite of customizable applications and layouts, EyeFrame is a 21st-century approach to content sharing and lead-capture. Sharing content and data has never been easier, more intuitive or more widely accessible. EyeFrame provides a foundation for your business to build, maintain and grow a successful base of clients.

Built For Your Business Environment

While EyeFrame can stand on its own as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, it can also integrate with other CRM tools, such as Salesforce and Eloqua. Get more than your lead’s basic contact data – see how they interact with your content and take a more targeted approach to lead-capturing.

Made Possible by Dedication

At EyeFrame, we take a communal approach to business. From sales to support to engineering, we are proud of our work and motivated by the success we see it generate for others. With that said, we’re never satisfied with our progress and are always looking to improve the EyeFrame experience and enhance your displays.

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