7 Marketing Emails That You Want To Open

According to HubSpot, 70% of 18-44-year-olds check their email on a smartphone. This means your subject line and opening image are more important than ever. Consumers will rarely open, let alone subscribe, if they aren’t immediately enticed. Here are a few examples of great marketing email openers.

1. Know Your Audience. Airbnb tailors their emails to an audience who enjoys traveling.

2. Exclusivity. Nike makes the recipient feel like they are on the A-list with an exclusive first look.

3. Personalization. HubSpot Includes the recipients first name in the subject line to give a more personal feel.

4. Eye Candy. Off Set leads with tantalizing photos that users can’t resist scrolling through.

5. Simplicity. Apple keeps it simple with a brief headline and clean image.

6. The Biggest And Best Subject Line. It’s hard not to keep scrolling when you catch a glimpse of the BIGGEST party of the year.

7. Make It Relevant. Jet Blue aligns their deals with major holidays and events.