3 Major Companies Using Gamification To Boost Engagement

Broadly defined, gamification is the use of game-like thinking in non-game environments.

Incentives and motivators are one way to gamify non-game environments. Think about your LinkedIn account and the profile progress bar that was once only 70 percent complete. Although this may not seem like a game, LinkedIn uses the game-like progress bar as an incentive to complete your profile.

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Check out a few games that are building brands and engagement now.


Nike’s running app is the ultimate motivator. Not only can you challenge your friends, but you also receive badges and rewards such as encouraging words from professional athletes when you complete a run.


Launched in 2012, Verizon Insider increased logins to their site by 30 percent. The online entertainment and lifestyle portal allows users to gain points and earn rewards by participating in contests and engaging on social media.


As mentioned, LinkedIn uses a progress bar to incentivize users to complete their profile. However, this isn’t the only form of gamification that the business-oriented social platform applies. Think about the page that displays how many views your profile has received compared to your friends – this is a classic leaderboard tactic that sparks competition.