3 Free Ways To Gamify Your Next Event

Without incentives, there is no tangible reason for attendees to participate in your game; however, offering cash prizes and gift certificates isn’t always an option. Here are three free ways to increase engagement at your next event.

1) Leaderboard. 

Leaderboards integrate well with in-app games like trivia.The more questions the attendee answers correctly, the higher up the leader board they climb.

Pro Tip: Create an interactive leaderboard that integrates with Twitter so guests can encourage, or better yet, trash talk each other on social media – free publicity and attendee engagement.

2) Progress Bar.

Progress bars work well because most people don’t like completing tasks only 90% of the way. Much like the LinkedIn profile completion bar, reward them by boosting their position as they progress in the game. Reaching 100% may be enough for many guests to continue playing throughout the entire event. 

3) Badges.

Badges are one of the most simple and classic ways to increase participation. The Olympics use medals and the Oscars use funny-looking trophies – although both also come with fortune and fame, the gold badge is a very key component of winning.

Pro Tip: Offer an in-app virtual badge with each round of completion to encourage guests to keep playing.  (Think: progress bar + badge reward)


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